Snowy Owl in Finland

We were in Finland in April 2012 on the search for the elusive Wolverine – that rare and secretive animal that tends to come out at night and is extremely shy. On the road north however, as we were travelling towards Rovaniemi and Lokka Lake, we came across this beautiful bird that was visiting a farm area in the neighbourhood. I got this shot as the owl took flight from a telegraph pole and flew straight across the field and landed on another pole on the far side of the field. I was lucky in that I was crossing the field and setup my tripod to capture him resting on the pole. Within minutes he took off and flew to my right across the field. This image was captured as he flew over the field and rested on his new perch. He stayed here for another hour at least before we had to depart and get back on the road and head north again.

Here is a shot of the own as he took off from the pole before he crossed the field – here – nicely captured by another photographer who was under the pole and lucky in his positioning in the field.


Equipment Used:

Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV Camera
Lens: Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS
Tripod: Gitzo 3341XL Tripod & Wimberly II Head
EXIF: ISO 200 f/5.6 1/2500 +0.67ev 500mm

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