Kite Surfer near Anchorage, Alaska

This shot was captured when travelling back from Seward to Anchorage in July 2012. I had been driving for a few hours as it was and we were approximately 30 minutes out from Anchorage when I saw the kites up ahead of me. I started to get my hopes up that there would be something interesting happening.
The sun was shining and it was starting to get close to the golden hour too for taking pictures. I needed a break and some air from driving anyways so drove up the road and turned around and headed back to the lake where the lads were surfing. There were four or five surfers on the lake going over and back with the wind and it was great to watch them at work. It was a bright day so I over exposed by 1 stop in order to get some detail into the surfers wetsuit.
One surfer was pretty good and once I got chatting to them he put on a bit of a show for me before he headed away a short while later. This is one of the better shots from the day and within half an hour of stopping I was back in the car and heading towards Anchorage with my images captured and a smile on my face.

Equipment used:
Camera: Canon 1 D Mark IV
Lens: Canon 500mm f4 L
Handheld on the beach
EXIF: ISO 320 f4 1/2500 +1ev 500mm

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